Phillipa (Pip) McDonnell is a London based artist and illustrator inspired by the natural world, people, and buildings.

She studied art history, before becoming a trained conservator and paint researcher.


Phillipa believes that the art we surround ourselves with shows and shapes our identity and mindset, and should be just as unique and full of contrasts as we are.


Her style creates work that are beautiful on the surface, but take a closer look and underneath they are a combination of delicate and messy, precise and chaotic, whimsical and strong. Every time you look at them you see something you might have missed before.


Pip Illustration began as birthday cards and presents for friends and family, and this custom approach still runs through its heart. Some of Phillipa’s favorite pieces can be bought as prints, but her true love will always be bringing other people's ideas to life, and creating work that is personal and fresh, and invites curiosity.


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